Full-Service Bindery

Champ’s Full-Service Bindery Capabilities: 

Here at Champ Printing, we offer a variety of bindery and finishing solutions to complement our offset and digital printing services. These solutions are fully integrated into our production process, which allows our expert team to focus on the details and creation of your custom project from beginning to end. This also ensures that your project is finished with the most appropriate methods, meets our high-quality standards and is delivered to you on-time. 

If you have any questions about Champ’s bindery or finishing services, please contact us. Our team will be happy to provide you with a variety of options to give your project the perfect finishing touch! 

Our Bindery and Finishing Services Include: 

  • Cutting and Trimming 
  • Automatic Folding
  • Scoring
  • Saddle Stitching
  • Corner Stitching
  • Hole Punching and Drilling 
  • Perforating
  • Gluing
  • Tabbing
  • Labeling

We are equipped with:

  • Muller Martini (In-Line Folding and Saddle Stitching System)
  • Automatic Folding Machine
  • 3 Cutting Machines

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Full-Service Bindery FAQs

Finishing or bindery services are the final steps to completing a job after it’s printed. Common services include trimming, scoring, folding, stitching, drilling and collating. 

Here at Champ, we have large cutting/trimming machines that have guillotine style blades that cut your project down to final size. Depending on your stock’s thickness and number of finished sheets, our expert finishing team will set the blades pressure to perfectly cut through an entire stack of paper.

Once we receive your specs, we will let you know if your project needs scored. Generally, projects that are folded on text weight stock do not need scored; however, if you’re using a cover stock or heaver, we will recommend scoring your piece. This will give your project a clean look and ensure the stock does not crack when folded. 

To learn about the different folds, be sure to check out our folds infographic in our resources area.  

Saddle Stitching is a popular binding process in which folded sheets are collated, gathered together and wire stitched (aka stapled) through the fold line. In the print industry, stapling is referred to as stitching and the collated sheets are draped over a saddle-like apparatus, hence the name “Saddle Stitching”. Here at Champ, our Saddle Stitching machine is known as a muller martini. It will collate, fold and stitch in-line, ensuring pages are in the correct order, folded in the same place and securely bound. Generally, magazines, catalogs and multi-page brochures are saddle stitched.  

This is a great question! Job turnaround depends on the run size, specs and finishing details of a project. Offset jobs generally need more time to dry than digital jobs. If there are intricate finishing services included, it can take additional time. However, if you have a rush job that needs to be completed quickly, we will work with you to meet your deadline. Champ Printing has two shifts per day that work to meet the tightest of deadlines. 


Since every job is custom, having an expert prepress team is essential. Our prepress professionals have over 25 years of experience and understand the important steps to setting up each project to print at the highest quality.

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Offset Printing

Here at Champ, we have multiple sized offset presses to fulfill any of your commercial printing needs. We also have the capability to produce envelopes of all styles and sizes in-house.

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Digital Printing

In addition to our offset presses, we have digital capabilities as well. Our HP® Indigo 7900 Digital Press is perfect for smaller quantity runs, variable data projects or jobs that require a quicker turnaround.

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Full-Service Bindery

Champ is proud to offer in-house bindery and finishing services. This gives us full control over the timing, quality and on-time completion of your project.

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Specialty Services

Champ is of the only commercial printers in the region to offer foil stamping, die cutting and embossing in-house. Our pressmen have experience producing projects with variety of embellishments and details.

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Kitting & Mailing

Kitting and shipping your own project can be time consuming. We have the ability to help you to it all for you – print, assemble and mail!

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