Kitting & Mailing

Champ Printing’s Kitting and Mailing Capabilities

Within the past few years, we have been receiving more complex projects that require handwork, collating and/or kitting. 

Kitting and shipping your own project’s materials can be time consuming, unproductive and also take up a lot of space. Don’t waste your resources… have us print, assemble and fulfill your projects. 

Champ can also help you with mailing services for any of your projects being mailed through USPS. This includes mailings with personalized components for your recipients. We can also assist you with match mailing projects that require extra attention to detail.   

Let us help you with your next mailing project: 

  • Postcards 
  • Invitations and Save the Dates
  • Letters
  • Donor Appeal Mailings 
  • Self-Mailers 
  • Newsletters
  • Quarterly and Annual Report Mailings
  • Holiday and Thank you Card Mailings 
  • Magazines and Catalogs 
  • Match Mailings

Let’s put ink on paper!

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Kitting & Mailing FAQs

Yes, we do. For more information about pricing and turnaround, we will need to learn more about your project. Please contact us for more information. 

We ask that you provide us with a mailing list file. Acceptable databases are Excel; Access; .DBF format; .CSV format; .TXT format.

Yes, NCOA (National Change of Address) is run on the list and any updated addresses are changed. Also, the list is checked for duplicate addresses. 

Yes, we can use your permit. We will just need some information about your permit and also you will need to ensure enough funds are in the permit to cover the mailing. Once the mailing list is confirmed and the project is printed, we will notify you of the postage amount.

Match mailings are when two or more pieces are personalized for the recipient and all match up to their corresponding envelope. 

Yes, we have the capability to personalize the address, salutation and small details within your letter to make it specific for your recipient.  

The difference between the mailing options is delivery time and postage costs. 

First Class
First Class is considered top priority and will deliver within 2-3 days locally and 4-5 days nationally. Additionally, this is the only option that includes forwarding and return services with no additional charge.  

Presorted First-Class
If you have 500 or more pieces to mail, you can send your project presort first class. For this option, there are a few extra steps when setting up for mailing. This mailing method requires NCOA run on the mailing list and pieces must be delivered to the post office grouped by region/ zip codes. Since the mailing is already in order, it saves USPS time and money, resulting in a lower postage rate. 

Standard mail
Standard mail, also known as bulk mail, generally consists of flyers, postcards, newsletters, advertising pieces, magazines and circulars. This is the least expensive postage method for general mail. The minimum number of pieces to mail standard is 200 pieces or 50 lbs. of mail. Standard mail is locally delivered in 5 business days, where nationwide can take 2-3 weeks and is not recommended for any time sensitive mailings. 

Finally, if you are a non-profit organization and have USPS approval to mail with non-profit, you can mail using non-profit rates. The delivery time for non-profit is the longest of the three, but the postage price per piece is significantly less than first class and standard. 


Since every job is custom, having an expert prepress team is essential. Our prepress professionals have over 25 years of experience and understand the important steps to setting up each project to print at the highest quality.

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Offset Printing

Here at Champ, we have multiple sized offset presses to fulfill any of your commercial printing needs. We also have the capability to produce envelopes of all styles and sizes in-house.

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Digital Printing

In addition to our offset presses, we have digital capabilities as well. Our HP® Indigo 7900 Digital Press is perfect for smaller quantity runs, variable data projects or jobs that require a quicker turnaround.

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Full-Service Bindery

Champ is proud to offer in-house bindery and finishing services. This gives us full control over the timing, quality and on-time completion of your project.

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Specialty Services

Champ is of the only commercial printers in the region to offer foil stamping, die cutting and embossing in-house. Our pressmen have experience producing projects with variety of embellishments and details.

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Kitting & Mailing

Kitting and shipping your own project can be time consuming. We have the ability to help you to it all for you – print, assemble and mail!

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